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The membership fee is $35 per year, or $65 for two years.

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If you would like to join the Catholic Singles of Greater Washington (also known as CAC of Washington), please complete the form below, with membership payment of $35 (or $65 for two years). You may also download the membership form and send a check as described. Our memberbership chair will contact you after our monthly board meeting.

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The addresses, home and work phone numbers, and E-Mail addresses of all members appear in CAC's Annual Membership Directory. If you prefer to keep this information confidential, please check the following:
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Because CAC is a nonprofit organization, we rely on members to help sponsor and run the many events on the CAC calendar. Please check off those CAC committees to which you may be interested in volunteering your time

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I, the undersigned, shall follow all rules and regulations of the Catholic Alumni Club of Washington, DC, Inc. (CAC), as stated in the CAC Constitution and Bylaws. Upon failure to comply with these rules, CAC reserves the right to terminate my membership at any time. I understand that the membership dues are not refundable. I will complete the entire application in order for it to be valid. I understand that certain activities sponsored by CAC may be hazardous. I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims that I might have, or that might arise against CAC, its agents or representatives, for any and all injuries or losses sustained by me while participating in events sponsored by the Club. By submitting this application, I give my consent for pictures taken of myself at CAC events to be used on the CAC website with no expectation of remuneration or compensation of any kind now or in the future. CAC agrees not to use any photo in a manner that may be deemed adverse or defamatory to the person submitting this application or put the applicant's name with his or her photo.

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